Corona Virus


You find the most important information concerning the state of the Corona crisis in the internet on the website of Höhr-Grenzhausen ( You can read there how to behave correctly. Please inform yourself together with other people who are more fluent in German.

If you supppose to be infected make a PHONE CALL before going to your doctor or to a special fever ambulance or to hospital. There are the following numbers:

- 0800 9900 400 General Corona Hotline for Rhineland-Palatinate (24h)

- 02602 124567 Public Health (Gesundheitsamt) Montabaur ( Mo-Fr 8-18h, Sa / Su 10-16h )

- 116 117 (no call prefix, no charge) Alert Doctors in Brüderkrankenhaus Montabaur

- or your doctor

For non-medical urgencies call 02624 104101 collective municipality Höhr-Grenzhausen (Verbandsgemeinde).

Please prepare your questions in German using your dictionary (smartphone).

Many shops are closed or they changed their opening hours and limited the access.

Everywhere it is absolutely necessary to keep at a DISTANCE of at least 1,5 metres to the next person, to use desinfectants and to wash your hands frequently. Please pay attention to shopping rules for merchandises in short supply.

You are still allowed to go out of your home but only with persons of your household or with  o n e  other person. Groups are prohibited, even in churches, mosques or synagogues or in associations/clubs or schools,

All schools and kindergardens are closed. Visits in homes for the elderly or nursing houses are largely restricted. Please call these institutions before going  there if you have urgent questions.

Take care of each other, do not impede the tasks of people still working, and keep fit and healthy!!!